Becca is a singer/songwriter from Washington D.C. Her single 'Closure' is out now.



Becca Levy was born and raised in Washington D.C. and is currently based in Boston, MA. 

Becca's passion for music started at an early age, and she has aways tried to use her music as a positive force. For example, Becca focused much of her musical attention on anti-bullying matters early in her career.

Music continues to help define and motivate her. You will hear elements of both singer-songwriter and pop music in Becca’s lyrics and music  But mostly, you will hear honesty.

Hospital Sounds, her debut EP, was written about Becca's hospitalizations for an eating disorder and other mental health struggles. Each song was written in the key of a hospital sound she encountered.

Her follow up single, Closure is about leaving toxicity behind and trying to move forward without bitterness while finding yourself and your voice you might have lost.

Songwriting is Becca's outlet. Her music is extremely honest and raw lyrically, and her sincerest hope is that her music can empower others to handle whatever life may throw at them.



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